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SBO+ Magazine

Over 30,000 music education professionals each month in digital and print editions combined. Teachers LOVE print, especially after a few years of looking at their students on screens...

They buy it all, instruments, travel, services, supplies, print, technology, uniforms, music room equipment, you name it, they buy it. They influence what other teachers in their districts buy, often what their entire state buys, too. And, what they choose to use, their students use, every day of school. Many of those students will buy those products for a lifetime.

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Musical Merchandise Review

In continuous print since, we kid you not, 1879, connecting musical instrument, print, and accessories makers for over 144 years. Seriously, we donated a vast library of century-plus old issues to the NAMM Museum in Carlsbad, California for posterity.

But we don't rest on our ageless laurels, no sir, MMR stays on top of the latest sales trends for the MI trade, surveying dealers each month, spotlighting the latest products and brands making the most money for our readers in their stores across the US.

MMR Magazine is the oldest, and boasts the largest circulation in the business,

We know these markets well, because, well, we are the Market

From SBO+ editor-in-chief, Col. (Ret.) Thomas Palmatier, the highly-respected former commander of the U.S. Army band programs, who still adjudicates, teaches, and conducts, to Christian Wissmuller, longtime executive editor of MMR, who you’ll probably find playing a gig most weeks in Boston, to our sales team members, and even our owner, we are all active, gigging, recording, composing musicians who live, sleep, and breathe music. You love it, we love it. Great gig, right?

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