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MMR Magazine was founded in 1879 and has been continuously published ever since.

We are guided by seven generations of musical instrument retail and sales expertise.

More than two decades before NAMM was founded (1901), "MI" retailers began relying on Musical Merchandise Review to grow their business, discover the best of what's new, learn management advice, and more.

For 142 years, instrument, accessories, print, and over a century-worth of the ever-evolving world of related product manufacturers have relied on MMR to introduce their products to retailers eager to sell them.

They still do...

Print is “real” for retailers, that’s why we¬†stayed in print during the crisis.

It’s going to be even more real for educators…
especially after a school year of all-day looking at screens. We are going back to printing, mailing, and giving educators a little of the normal they need as they go back to the classroom again.

Music educators around America covering all genres and grade levels of instrumental and vocal music depend on these market-leading education publications to inspire their program planning and guide their travel plans, as they create new lifelong music makers.

Articles and columns by expert educators, authors, musicians, even a retired US Army Colonel. Jazz, Marching, Concert, Modern, Symphonic, Ensemble, Orchestral, Choral, Show Choir, Musical Theater, Music Technology… if educators are teaching it, we are writing about it, and a lot more.

Oh, we’ll still offer all of our great digital platforms, we are getting real.

If your company wants to be part of normal again for music educators, get in touch.

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